Pure Canna' Outdoor Package™

The Pure Canna Outdoor Package provides everything you need (except the plants!) for a lush and abundant Outdoor garden! 

Pure Canna Outdoor Package Provides:
  • Easy-to-Use organics.
  • Science & Nature based technology.
  • Organic & Non-GMO.
  • High mycorrhizal colonization
  • Increased root growth.
  • Increased nutrient & water uptake.
  • Increased oxygen penetration.
  • Increased plant health & vitality.
  • Increased taste & aroma.
  • Clean potency & effect.

The Pure Canna Indoor Package™ includes:
1- 1 Gallon Dawn™
1- 1 Gallon Horizon™
1- 1 Gallon Flourish
1- 1 Gallon  Radiance™ 
1- Pure Canna Outdoor Package Feeding Schedule

Dawn™ activates soil life!  It provides a broad diversity of microbiology (soil and plant helpers) that collectively assist in bringing balance and function to the soil while activating nutrient cycling. 

Horisun helps build soil fertility by improving: soil structure, water intake and storage, erosion resistance, and retention of plant available elements. 

Flourish is a fruit and flower activator. This easy-to-use concentrated topdress contains the essential high quality elements soils require to nurture plants during times of increase nutrient need. 

Radiance is a fulvic electrolyte that stimulates the metabolism of a plant to improve growth, increase oxygen efficiency, and enhances the immune system while also providing benefits as an antioxidant.

Save 10% when you buy the package vs. each individual product!!