About Our Team

Founder & CEO
Past Experience:
  • 25 Years in Farm, Home & Garden retail sales with an emphasis on using organics. 
  • 13 Years of successfully seeding various species of grasses and wildflowers in one of the most challenging climates in the USA. Applications include soil preparation, drill seeding and Hydroseeding. These achievements range from installations of turf grasses for commercial operations and home owners as well as native grasses, wildflowers, and pasture grasses.
  • 20 years in distribution of various agriculture products including livestock salt, pet food, and livestock feed.  
Why are you passionate about Nature’s Force Organics?
I believe soil science has taught me how to achieve successful cultivation from working with Nature instead of against Her. I designed our products and protocols to allow Nature to do the work as intended. By providing Nature the tools she requires for healthy, active, and nutrient dense soils the cultivation challenges are dramatically reduced, eliminating the need for any synthetic poisons. Nature’s Force Organics is more than just a company. It is my way of helping to make sure the world is a little better than when I received it. 


Chief Operations Officer
Past Experience:
  • Over 2 years working in the New Mexico medical cannabis industry for the top rated producer in the state. Served in various management positions including General Manager for almost one year. During this time I was also the Co-chair for the Albuquerque Women Grow chapter. This allowed me the opportunity to not only learn more about the industry both locally and nationally, but to help connect, educate, and empower other women in the industry.
  • Completed my Master of Science in Complementary and Alternative Medicine in 2013. Shortly thereafter I started my small Holistic Health business where I have the pleasure of helping people find whole body wellness through various modalities.
  • My history also includes lots of professional event planning and coordination, Agriculture Business, and a Bachelor of Arts in Communication with a concentration in mass media.
Why are you passionate about Nature’s Force Organics?
Through my education and general life observations I am a firm believer that what you consume and surround your body with has either positive or negative effects. Food, air, water, and nature can all be forms of medicine. I love that the products we manufacture help to not only make the soil healthier and more productive, but also the people who use them. I feel like I can really make an impact in the lives of others through our products.


Director of Sales 
Past Experience:
  • 12 years in Golf Course Management, including high-end private and resort clubs: Sandia Resort & Casino, Berkeley Hall, Wade Hampton, and Dalhousie Golf Club.
  • Bachelor of Science in Agronomy with an emphasis on soil physics, soil fertility, plant physiology, microbiology, environmental sciences, pest management, and sports turf management from Mississippi State University
  • Warehouse Manager for an agriculture supply center, 2 years
Why are you passionate about Nature’s Force Organics?
I see that in order for our agriculture system to thrive it is paramount that we work with Nature to allow our communities and families a sustainable future. This allows our basic necessities for daily living to be produced from an agriculture system that sees Nature as a friend and companion to guide us to a higher level of living personally, spiritually, mentally, and physically which in turn holds others to a higher standard of living as well! Nature’s Force Organics is all about giving back to mother nature and helping her to flourish.

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