Shaker Duo


“Shake Your Plants Happy!”

Do you have wilted, dull, tired or even worse- dying plants?

Let us turn your Brown thumb Green with our Shaker Duo sets of Dawn™ and Horisun™. This set of 2 specialty shakers will transform your plants from lifeless to beautiful with just a few shakes.

The Shaker Duo makes a perfect gift for yourself or your favorite plant parent! The set includes 1 Shaker of Dawn™ and 1 Shaker of Horisun™.

Dawn™ activates soil life to provide and sustain plant-available nutrients. It also provides energized soil microorganisms that bring balance and function to soils, benefiting the entire soil ecosystem. Healthy soils are the foundation for happy plants and Dawn™ provides key elements for this foundation.

Horisun™ increases Humus content in soils. It improves soil structure, water absorption, nutrient & water retention, and aeration. Horisun™ also provides plant-available humic substances, minerals, and carbon that all healthy soils and plants require.

Have fun “Shakin’ your plants happy” with these environmentally friendly and refillable glass shakers!!

* Can easily be refilled using Dawn™ and Horisun™ 1 gallons. *


"Shake Your Plants Happy!"

It is finally SPRING!! The Shaker Duo is perfect for small gardens, potted vegetables, and indoor plants.

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