Nature’s Force Organics Hydroseeding System is easily scalable making it easy to complete the smallest to the largest projects. You can also feel good knowing that you are using products that help to build fertility in the soil, instead of increasing the sterility, salts, and chemicals.

We developed our Hydroseeding products and protocols in one of the harshest environments in the continental U.S., New Mexico. A desert with very little annual precipitation, high winds, nutrient depleted soils, numerous soil types, high elevation and intense sun exposure. We know that traditional salt-based nutrients Do Not work in our environment or others across the country. Through our experience with Hydroseeding we know with 100% confidence that our products work, and work really well with hydroseeding applications! 

The Problem

Chemical fertilizers have a high salt index because their nutrients are bound to salts. With these types of fertilizers two thirds of the nutrients end up gassing off or leaching out and what is left over is very low in nutrients and very high in salts. These salts end up pulling moisture out of plants while simultaneously making the plants weaker and more susceptible to pests and disease. Over time the salts and chemicals create hard compacted clay-type dirt that all vegetation struggles and often fails to grow in.

The Solution

Nature's Force Organics takes a different approach using microbiology and organic compounds to provide balanced nutrition for the soil. This process activates the laborers of the Soil Food Web including the native beneficial microorganisms that were previously unable to complete their function due to the depletion of their colonies from tilling and the use of salt based chemicals. The collective efforts by these micro-organisms activate the Humus Mechanism where nutrient cycling begins, bringing the soil ecosystem back into balance. Humus rich soils are the most productive soils. The precursor for Humus comes from proteins released by root-fungus known as Mycorrhizae fungi. The result of these processes (soil food web, humus mechanism, nutrient cycling) is a healthy and vibrant lawn from quicker germination and sustained nutrition.         

The Hydroseeding System is composed of 3 easy-to-use products: Dawn™, Horisun™, and Radiance™:

  1. Dawn™ - is a dry granular soil activator formulated to regenerate the soil using a broad diversity of soil borne microorganisms. It contains ingredients that collectively assist in bringing balance and function to the soil while activating nutrient cycling. Dawn has approximately forty species of beneficial bacterial & fungi including many species of mycorrhizae fungi.
  2. Horisun™ - is a concentrated humus mineral. Humus is a conglomeration of organic acids that are essential for healthy and productive soils. Due to its light weight and high surface area, humus has a profound beneficial effect on soil structure, water intake and storage capacity, ability to resist erosion, and the capability to retain elements in a form readily accessible to plants.
  3. Radiance™ - is an organic liquid fulvic acid. Fulvic acid is a natural electrolyte and antioxidant that balances and energizes cells. It stimulates the metabolism of a plant to improve growth, reduce oxygen deficiency, and enhance the immune system. Plants can easily absorb high amounts of fulvic acid and store it in their cell and body structures.

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So, what does this mean for you…. By using Nature’s Force Organics Hydroseeding System you will experience:

    • Increased germination rates.
    • Increased survival rates.
    • Long term nutrition for grasses.
    • Enhanced tolerance to environmental stresses.
    • Reduced disease and pest pressures.
    • Better uptake of nutrients, oxygen, and water between soil and turf
    • Improved soil structure from increased holding capacity of nutrients in the soil
    • Healthier more vibrant turf, lawn, and native grasses that require less water to maintain! 



Application Rates

For every 300 Gallons of slurry incorporate: 1 - 5 Gallon of Dawn™, 1 - 5 Gallon of Horisun™, and 18 ounces of Radiance™.

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