Tropic Nourish™ - Live Soil


Tropic Nourish™ is a Live Soil.

Tropic Nourish™ has been designed and formulated to provide a balanced soil ecosystem with dozens of beneficial soilborne microbes.  Tropic Nourish is made from rapidly renewable and sustainable materials which have been hand selected for the highest quality.
As bio-nutrient cycling is established from the aerobic digestion of the included organic compounds, the root system is quickly colonized with mycorrhizae fungi.  An activated soil medium, Tropic Nourish™ offers the tools required by the plant for growth and vitality for up to 8 weeks in a container.

Recommended Industries:
Nursery · Medicinal Herbs · Gardening · Container Growing · Specialty Crops


  1. Easy-to-use and effective!
  2. RHP Certified coco peat.
  3. Live soil with a diverse blend of mycorrhizae, bacteria, and fungi.
  4. Stimulates plant growth.
  5. Stimulates root growth.
  6. Increases nutrient & water uptake.
  7. Improved oxygen penetration.
  8. Increases plant health & vitality.
  9. Reduced transplant shock.
  10. No fillers & non-toxic.

Tropic Nourish has significantly increased the germination rates of our food crops. It has increased the overall health and vibrancy of our crops providing our customers richer flavor and nutrient dense food that is easily digestible. Our customers feedback has exceeded our expectations.”  - Reap & Sow Foods, Missouri

Container Planting:
Plant directly into Tropic Nourish.  Saturate new planting with water until about 10% of the water leaches from the bottom of container.  Water as needed.        For best results use Radiance with every water.

Works synergistically with our products (Flourish & Radiance ).  Great foundational product for any grow style.  Do not use with synthetic Phosphorus! 75 ppm of synthetic Phosphorus will damage the Mycorrhizal / Plant relationship and significantly reduce the quality of the crop.

Number of Pots per Bag of Tropic Nourish 
1 BagTropic Nourish™  = 75 Liters

Gallon Size

Liter Size

Pots Per Bag

1/2 Gallon

2 Liter

37 Pots

1 Gallon

4 Liter

18 Pots

2 Gallon

8 Liter

9 Pots

3 Gallon

11 Liter

6 Pots

5 Gallon

19 Liter

4 Pots

7 Gallon

26 Liter

3 Pots

10 Gallon

38 Liter

2 Pots

15 Gallon

57 Liter

1.30 Pots

20 Gallon

76 Liter

1 Pot

25 Gallon

95 Liter

3/4 Pot

Keep in a cool and dry place.  Non-toxic organic material does not require special handling equipment.  We recommend using protective gloves or washing hands after use.  Wear a protective mask and safety glasses when applying, as products can be dusty.

*Not a Plant Food.

*Bulk quantities are available, please contact us directly for more information*

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