Spark™ - Seed Activator

Spark™ is a dry granular Seed Activator.

A Non-GMO product developed to enhance the germination and growth of sown seed. Formulated with over three dozen species of beneficial soil borne micro-organisms that provide the crop a greater germination, establishment, and growth.

This is achieved by immediate colonization of mycorrhizae once the root radical has emerged from the seeds protective shell. The result is increased overall health, vitality, and growth from letting Nature do the work!
Recommended Industries:
Farming · Golf · Seeding · Reclamation   


  1. Increased germination rates.
  2. Colonizes the root system with mycorrhizae fungi at a high rate.
  3. Establishes soil nutrient cycling around the seed.
  4. Activates mineral solubilizing microbes.
  5. Activates plant growth promoting microbes.
  6. Activates free living nitrogen-fixing microbes.
  7. Activates enzyme producing microbes.
  8. Stimulates Induced Systemic Resistance to stresses.

We have attained the highest germination success rate with this product. It is the missing link to our cultivation.  Nature’s Force Organics is Revolutionizing the way we cultivate our crops!"  -Mr. F.G. , Missouri Dairy Farmer

Blend 3 - 6 lbs. of Spark per 25 lbs. of seed before sowing. For best results sow via drill seeding. Can be applied via broadcast applications.

Pasture Seed:
Blend 3 - 6 lbs. of Spark per 25 lbs of seed. Best results when drill seeded.

Cover Crop Seed:
Blend 5 - 6 lbs. of Spark per 25 lbs of seed. Best results when drill seeded.

Grain Crop Seed:
Blend 4 - 6 lbs. of Spark per 25 lbs of seed. Best Results when drill seeded.
For best results blend using a clean cement or concrete mixer.

Works synergistically with our products (Dawn™, Horizon, and Radiance). Can be used with conventional fertilizer’s at 50% - 75% of fertilizers recommended rate. Do not use with synthetic Phosphorus! 75 ppm of synthetic
Phosphorus will damage the Mycorrhizal & Plant relationship and will significantly reduce the quality of the crop.

Keep in a cool and dry place. Non-toxic organic material does not require special handling equipment. We recommend using protective gloves or washing hands after use. Wear a protective mask and safety glasses when applying, as product can be dusty.

*Not a Plant Food.

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