Horisun™ - Humus Mineral


Horisun™ is a Concentrated Humus Mineral.

Humus is a conglomeration of organic acids that are essential for healthy & productive soils. Humus is formed by the decomposing action of soil microorganisms (bacteria and fungi), which break down plant & animal residues into elements that can be used by growing plants.  

Due to its light weight & high surface area, humus has a profound beneficial effect upon the physical properties of soils through improving soil structure, water intake and storage capacity, ability to resist erosion, and the ability to retain elements in a form readily accessible to plants.

Horisun is unique because it contains 60% carbon, humic acid, and fulvic acid with 40% trace minerals in humic mineral form.

Recommended Industries:
Farming · Landscape · Golf · Seeding · Nursery · Container Growing · Erosion Control · Specialty Crops · Medicinal Herbs


  1. Improves Soil Structure.
  2. Enhances Nutrient Holding Capacity of soils.
  3. Improves nutrient, water & oxygen flow within soils.
  4. Assists the soils ability to detoxify.
  5. Provides plant available trace minerals.
  6. Provides high carbon content to soils increasing soil biological activity.
  7. Influences the loosening of clay particles.
  8. Stable & long lasting in soils.

I live in an area with sandy and clay soils. Getting grass, or anything else, to grow has always been a struggle due to the soil. Once I started using Horisun the condition of my soil has drastically improved and now I have a beautiful lawn and small garden. Horisun has changed my soil.”  - L.D. Customer Since 2014

Top Dressing:
Apply 35 lbs. of Horisun per 7000 sq. ft. Apply 200 lbs. – 2,000 lbs. of Horisun per Acre depending on soil quality. Best if applied after aeration.
Blend With Soil:
Mix 2 - 3 lbs. of Horisun per 2.5 cubic feet of soil. Blend 20 - 30 lbs. of Horisun for every cubic yard of soil.
New Plantings:
Apply 1 Tablespoon of Horisun directly into the planting hole for every 1 gallon of original container size. Backfill soil and sprinkle a thin layer of Horizon over the surface of soil, extending past the drip line of the plant.
Blend 3 - 4 lbs. of Horisun per 25 lbs. of seed before sowing. For best results  sow via drill seeding. Can be applied via broadcast applications.
Incorporate 35 lbs. of Horisun per 300 gallons of slurry. Add to the mix after 50% of mulch has been blended.
Works synergistically with our full line of products (Dawn™, Spark, and Radiance). Can be blended with conventional fertilizer’s at 50% - 75% of fertilizer’s recommended rate.
Keep in a cool and dry place. Non-toxic organic material does not require special handling equipment. We recommend using protective gloves or washing hands after use. Wear a protective mask and safety glasses when applying, as product can be dusty.

*Not a Plant Food.

*Bulk quantities are available, please contact us directly for more information*

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